The Importance of the Registration by the BR PTO


The Importance of the Registration of Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs in Accordance With BR PTO

A – With the registration, the owner acquires the property of their mark, patent or industrial design;

B – Registration gives its holder the right to prevent third parties not having his consent from using your brand, from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing the patented product or process, or product object of industrial design registration;

C – To the registrant is further guaranteed the right to obtain compensation for the unauthorized exploitation of your brand, your product or patented process, or your product protected by industrial design.

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The obligation to exploit the patented invention has always been considered one of the traditional pillars of the patent system, so that in 1883 it was included in the original text of the Paris Convention.

This requirement was introduced by the brazilian law, but some scholars believe that it violates the TRIPS Agreement and is in disagreement with the current scenario of international trade.

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