Technological Monitoring



An important tool for monitoring the technological developments in a particular area of expertise and that can also be used to verify what competitors are doing in the field of Industrial Property is the weekly monitoring of patents and industrial designs published in the Intellectual Property Magazine.

This monitoring can be accomplished in several ways, among which we highlight:

  • Name of applicant or its directors, since this protection may be in the name of individual;
  • Key words depending the object of a certain line of action;
  • International Patent Classification, which may be restricted to specific objects of a segment.

As the publication of these privileges occurs in a maximum of 18 months, often end up being reported before the product reaches the market.

This monitoring is also important so that privileges that are already in the public domain are not unduly granted to competitors, allowing a challenge in administrative court.

BRUNNER is fully qualified to perform the monitoring technology in the area of patents and industrial designs.