Audit of Intellectual Heritage



It is a strategic tool of great business importance, because it allows a detailed survey of all the intellectual assets of the company, whether national and / or international, in several areas: patents, industrial designs, trademarks, software, copyrights, among others.

This survey is carried out in order to verify that all company assets are protected and target measures to be implemented to maximize protection strategy and management of this heritage.

In the trademark area, for example, it is important to constantly audit, in order to maintain effective control over the marks, preventing that new signs doesn´t remain without protection, trademarks end up unused or with a use that is not suitable for keeping the register, mantain the updates constantly protected, and to prevent unspent amounts in no more exploited assets or in assets that have lost their importance.

The audit also verifies whether a trademark is protected in all countries where the product is commercialized, recommending the best way to protect it in accordance with the benefits contained in international Treaties, to ensure agility, cost reduction and greater territorial coverage.

BRUNNER is fully qualified to perform the audit of intellectual property.