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Now, 85 years later, we have stopped rooting and decided to take matters into our own hands.
Brunner Innovates

A new part of Brunner created exclusively to be a bridge between those who innovate, who manufacture and who invest.

We have gathered our experience, our history, our professionals, and, specially, our contacts, to make projects, technologies, products, and markets feasible that would remain unfeasible if not for that coordinated effort.

If you are a designer, engineer, scientist, creator, and has a project or idea of a new process, technology, product or market, talk to us. With little investment, we protect and manage your project and present it to innumerous industries and investors as a real investment opportunity.

If you are an industry professional in search of innovation at reasonable costs without the requirement of hefty investments in research and development, schedule a meeting with us and let us know what is your target, installed industrial capacity or your specific interest in technology, development or product.

If you are looking for innovative platforms for investment but does not have a track record in the industry or in research and development and is searching for a knowledgeable partner to guide you to new possibilities, contact us. Together we can find interesting and lucrative challenges.

If you have interesting projects or if your organization is in search of new ideas, send an email to or call us at 11 3885.2333.

BRUNNER INNOVATES. Bringing together creators, manufacturers and investments.

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