Industrial Designs



Plastic protection products that the shape is new and original, giving exclusivity to exploit the design for a period of up to 25 years from date of application.

Are eligible for protection the designs applied to products, parts and objects, and also the new ornamental arrangement of lines and colors applied to a product, regardless of their size characteristics and raw materials.

The main requirements to rely on this protection, are:

  • novelty (cannot have been available to the public before the date of the application);
  • originality (have distinctive visual configuration with respect to other previous objects); and
  • industrial applications (capable of industrial production).

The design is widely used by entrepreneurs to attract the attention of consumers to a product or its package, aiming to increase the sales appeal due to the new more functional and more esthetic visual form.

It is through it that the entrepreneur distinguishes their products to market in order to attract the attention of consumers.

Since 1928, BRUNNER acts in the protection and registration of industrial designs, in Brazil and abroad, providing services that include:

  • preparing the application with the specification of the product and the necessary drawings;
  • preparation of various administrative petitions necessary to conclude the originality of the product;
  • monitoring the process of industrial design, necessary to obtain the security desired by the client to protect the product;
  • monitoring and reviewing conflicts on third-party processes, aiming to defend the aesthetic worth of the client against the competition;
  • monitoring by the Brazilian PTO database industrial designs applied by third parties in order to assure customers the knowledge of new market trends;
  • filing Lawsuits to cease the infringement of industrial designs and unfair competition;
  • drafting Industrual Design License Agreements and Exploration Contracts for Industrial Designs;
  • assessment of industrial designs.
  • audit the portfolio of patents and industrial designs of the customer.