Brunner Agencia de Propriedade Intelectual (Intellectual Property Agency) has the largest experience in Brazil for the intellectual property segment, and more than 90 years offering safe and professional service.

We have full expertise in international protection for national clients, and also in the management of intellectual property in Brazil for foreign clients, as well as databases with frequent updates and direct communication with the institutions in charge in Brazil and abroad as well..

In any case, the most important distinguishing factor we have here at Brunner is something that, in reality, we do not possess.


Here, the partners in the office work directly with the clients, dealing with business issues, challenges, proposals and processes without the figure of the intermediate.

So simple and so revolutionary.

Nobody shall pass on its own issue or transfer responsibilities, and hence all the information generated in the process. Nothing is lost and nothing is changed. One of our partners provides the initial service and comments and afterwards decides together with the client which path is to be followed, and then continues with the same process right through the end, until their investment in innovation is protected.