Protection of intellectual creation geared to literary, artistic or scientific areas.

This protection does not depend of registry and comes along with the creation of the work.

Copyright Law field is immense. It aims to protect all and any creation of the human mind, such as:

  • photography,
  • painting,
  • sculpture,
  • design,
  • printmaking,
  • phonogram,
  • lithography,
  • dramatic, dramatic-musical works,
  • cinematographic works,
  • audiovisual works,
  • choreographic works,
  • literary, artistic or scientific texts,
  • collections, encyclopedias, dictionaries, among others.

Although the record of the work is voluntary, its importance is crucial for:

  • set the date of creation of the work;
  • to prove, in an effective and direct way, the authorship of the work, facilitating the defense, as well as the assignment to third parties;

According to their nature, the work can be logged at:

  • the National Library;
  • School of Music;
  • the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro;
  • the National Institute of Cinema;
  • the Federal Council of Engineering Architecture and Agronomy; or
  • the Clerk.

Since 1928, BRUNNER acts in the protection of copyright works, providing services that include:

  • preparation of the record before the court, in accordance with the nature of the work;
  • management of intellectual property rights on works;
  • filing Lawsuits aiming to cease copyright works, as well as the violation of the moral and economic rights of the author or owner of the respective works;
  • drafting License Contracts or Exploitation Contracts related to copyright.