Management and Support for Innovation



The INNOVATION IN MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT PROGRAM consists in measures aimed to create a culture of intellectual property protection, in order to improve the innovative, technological and competitive ability of your company.

In the globalized world the we live, intellectual property has been gaining more importance within companies, whether large, medium or small. That is because technological innovation came to have enormous importance as a competitive factor, constituting one of the basic strategies to upthrust the growth and business development.

However, due to ignorance of the rules relating to intellectual property, Brazilian businessmen often lose the opportunity to secure competitive advantage for their business, putting it on the market devoid of protection.

Identifying intellectual property used by a company – trademarks, patents, industrial designs, software, copyrights, among others – is essencial to implement strategies aimed for the protection and proper use of its intangible assets, aiming to increase the competitiveness on the market.

Therefore, monitoring the innovative products and protecting the result derived from creative activity is vital for the acquisition of rights in the form of exclusive titles, that besides preventing competitors from using them improperly, also represent economic goods and generate value and differentiated business for the company.

BRUNNER has necessary expertise to develop the program on your company.