It is the exclusivity warranty granted to the holder to exploit its distinctive sign, which can be traced, to mark their products and services distinguishing them from other identical or similar on the market.

In addition to exclusivity, registration grants the right to the holder to prevent third parties to use identical or similar marks in the same market segment or branches in which maintain affinity marketing.

It is through the brand an organization makes its products and services irreplaceable and singularize its corporate image.

Currently with the easy access to new technologies, the brand has gained a huge importance in the differentiation of products and services, being synonymous of quality.

The consumer does not buy the product, but the brand that he knows and trusts. Therefore, the brand is the main asset of a company. Its value transcends the product and often the company itself.

BRUNNER has the expertise to protect and register trademarks in Brazil and abroad, providing services that include:

  • Previous research at the Brazilian PTO database to check previous trademarks;
  • Detailing opinion on the registrability or not the distinctive sign;
  • Application of the trade mark at the Brazilian PTO;
  • Monitoring the administrative process throughout the time of the registration;
  • Preparation of various administrative petitions needed to defend the brand;
  • guiding the correct use of the mark, preventing failures; administrative and legal tools for the maintenance of the right and to preserve the heritage of the client;
  • Surveillance of identical or similar trademarks by third parties required in order to avoid possible confusion in the market;
  • Filing Lawsuits to cease trademark infringement and unfair competition;
  • Drafting Trademarks License Agreements and Exploration Contracts for Trademarks;
  • Assessment of brands.
  • Audit of the trademarks client’s portfolio.