The Office



How many times have you read a text like this before?

Two or three times? Ten? Maybe even more.

With due reason, you have started not to believe in the meaning of this phrase, incredibly simple yet very difficult to achieve.

An office can truly have highly specialized professionals.

The same phrase you have become used to hearing, however with a significantly different weight.

This means that, when we are hired, we take along not only the experience of one of the oldest companies of the country in the segment of protection and management of intellectual property, but also the individual experience of great professional people, with different specializations and career backgrounds, complementary competences and a significant history   of successful projects.

More than this, aside from our success, you also take along our previous experience in complex processes, laboratory trials, and all the time savings that can be obtained in large projects when whoever takes care of the challenges has already trailed all possible paths, beforehand. Because the notion of time is incalculable, a clear notion of which paths are functional, and which are just useless or risky is required. The office also counts on proprietary procedural management, which seeks to catalyze results at the same time as it adapts to the specific profile and needs of each client. Once again, this is not just a phrase.