Protection granted by the State to technologies and innovations to exploit the invention, exclusively, for a specified period, which can be 15 or 20 years from date of application.

Are eligible for protection especially new objects, processes or means of obtaining products, enhancements or improvements of existing products.

The main requirements to rely on this protection are:

  • Novelty (cannot have been available to the public before the date of the application);
  • Industrial application (cannot be an abstract principle and must be operable in the industry); and
  • Activity or inventive act (not obvious due to a skilled technician).

Therefore, the patent is a tool established to stimulate the development and ensure proper protection of the rights of those who research and develop new technologies.

Thus, because of a creative endeavor in the field of technology, the holder of the invention, in possession of a document called Patented Letter issued by the Brazilian PTO, get a temporary monopoly to exploit his creation, which can guarantee a reservation market.

Since 1928, BRUNNER acts in the patent protection both in Brazil and abroad, providing services that include:

  • The analysis of patentability of the object to be protected, allowing the inventor to have knowledge of what already exists in the desired area, both in Brazil and abroad;
  • Patent search in Brazilian and other countries database;
  • Preparing of the specification of the invention, their claims and their designs;
  • Preparation of various administrative petitions necessary to complete the patentability of the invention;
  • monitoring the process of the invention, necessary to provide the security desired by the clients to protect their invention;
  • monitoring and reviewing conflicts on third-party processes, aiming the defense of the technological assets of the clients against their competitors;
  • monitoring by the Brazilian PTO database the patents related to the object of interest of our clients, enabling the upgrade of the existing technological asset on the scope of each client, through the delivery of copies of patent applications filed by third parties;
  • filing Lawsuits to cease patent infringement and unfair competition;
  • drafting of license or patent exploitation contracts;
  • patenting valuation;
  • Audit the patent portfolio of the client.