Brunner Claro

About Brunner

With over 90 years of providing services for the Industrial Law and Intellectual, Brunner Intellectual Property Agency, provides advice in the areas of trademarks, patents, copyrights, know-how transfer agreements, use licenses, franchises, software as well as legal advice in related areas, and offers its expertise projects, fitness and agility, as well as full international operations.
Now join our experience, our history, our professionals and mainly our agenda to usher in a new way of working.

Brunner Innovation.

A new area of Brunner created exclusively to be the bridge between those who innovate, who manufactures, and those who invest.

With so much experience in innovation, natural for us to reinvent.

Our own business, if necessary.

Everyone respects achievements. But few know how to give importance to what has not been done, but that can change parameters, realities, and markets, create new paradigms from its existence.

For years and years, we protect ideas, products and processes of individuals and organizations committed to innovation. Now we have taken another step towards deepening our partnership possibilities and feasibility of projects. If you have interesting projects, or if your organization looking for new ideas, send an email to And let’s figure out just how to turn together possibilities into reality.