Considered a work resulted from the creation of the spirit and, as the Copyright Law protects intellectual creation with specific provisions by Law 9.609 of February 19th, 1998 which regulates the protection afforded to the computer program.

The computer program “is the expression of an organized set of instructions in natural or coded language, contained in physical media of any nature, required in automatic information processing machines, appliances, instruments or peripheral equipment, based on digital technology or similar, to make them work and so for certain purposes. ”

The validity of the rights is 50 years, counting from January 1 of the year following its publication, or, failing that, from its inception.

The registry of the computer program at the Brazilian PTO provides the following advantages:

  • Proves the authorship of the software;
  • Provides exclusivity in the production, use and marketing of the program;
  • Provides international protection, because the record in Brazil of the software eliminates the need to register it in other countries;
  • If required it provides absolute confidentiality of parts of the program led to record.

BRUNNER has the necessary expertise to protect the software, providing services that include:

  • Preparing of applications for registration at the Brazilian PTO, preparing the specification code, instruction, language or process;
  • Filing Lawsuits to cease infringement of software as well as the violation of the moral and economic rights of the author or the owner of the respective works;
  • Drafting License Contracts or Exploitation Contracts related to